The Amount of Bitcoin Stolen by Terra (LUNA) Employees Has Been Announced!

Police are getting new information as the LUNA investigations continue. As you know, after the collapse of LUNA and UST, investigations are being carried out against Terraform Labs in South Korea, where Terra's headquarters are located. As these investigations continue, the police are getting new information.

Deepening the investigation, the Police encountered some embezzlement cases, according to local news sources.

While it was learned that a person working at Terraform Labs embezzled Bitcoin from the institutional funds in the company's wallets, we have previously reported that it was investigated whether this event was related to the company founder Do Kwon.

80 Bitcoin Stolen

Police found new information in the investigation.

According to the information obtained by the South Korean-based Yonhap news agency, the amount of Bitcoin stolen by the employee of Terraform Labs during the collapse of LUNA and UST became clear.

According to information confirmed by the police, the employee embezzled 80 Bitcoins worth about $2.39 million during the collapse.

In the statement made by LFG after the collapse, it was stated that 80,000 Bitcoins were sold and only 300 Bitcoins remained in order to save the UST. As the police deepened the investigation into the embezzlement allegations, they found some tampering with corporate wallets.

"We are investigating whether there were multiple embezzlements or if Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon had anything to do with these events," the police said in a statement. We haven't been able to find any information on this yet." it was said.

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