Analyst with Million Followers Said Bitcoin Price Will Never Go Below This Level Again and Gave Target

Carl Runelelt, one of the most recognizable names in the cryptocurrency community with the nickname The Moon, claimed that the Bitcoin price will never fall below $ 10,000 again and commented on the price movements in the future.

Working in a market in Sweden years ago, Runelelt managed to become a millionaire after the Youtube channel he started in 2017. Today, The Moon has over 1 million followers on Twitter.

Bitcoin Will Never Go Below $10,000 Again

In a statement made in December 2019, The Moon said that the BTC price would rise to $ 200,000 and would become an inflation hedge. At that time, BTC was at the level of $ 7,000.

Runelelt said that he still stands behind the statements he made at the time, calling Bitcoin a great inflation-protective asset:

BTC is the rarest asset in the entire universe. In this aspect, there is nothing that can cope with BTC. However, in the short term, if the stock market crashes completely, everything will of course collapse. That's how markets work.

However, in the long run, I don't think the BTC price has any connection to the stock markets or other markets.

BTC Price Target is $10 Million

When asked about the possibility of the BTC price falling to zero, The Moon vehemently denied this, claiming that Bitcoin would never go below $10,000 again:

“In my view, the probability of BTC price going above $1 million seems high. In fact, I believe $10 million is the target BTC is advancing.”

Speaking about his prediction in 2019, Runefelt claimed that the $ 200,000 level is extremely likely in the next three years.

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