Demand continues for crypto assets in the STEPN ecosystem

While the crypto markets have been on a recovery trend for the last 2 days, the losses at the beginning of the week have not been compensated yet. Bitcoin (BTC) continues to change hands below $40,000, while Ethereum (ETH) continues to find buyers below its psychological level of $3,000.

While there is a decline in the market in general, some altcoins that are newly released and receive serious support continue to rise regardless of the market. STEPN (GMT) is one of these altcoins.

Launched about 1.5 months ago, the GMT token is used as the native token of the exercise app STEPN and is in demand among investors due to its different use case. So much so that when we look at the last 24-hour transaction volumes, the GMT token stands out as the most active crypto asset with a transaction volume of $ 4.11 billion, after fixed crypto assets, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

STEPN (GMT) has reached a market capitalization of $ 2.41 billion and has reached $ 4 with a 22 percent increase in value in the last 24 hours.

Coinbase decides to list STEPN ecosystem tokens

Coinbase Assets, the official Twitter account announcing the Coinbase listings, announced yesterday that GMT and GST tokens will be listed on Coinbase.

STEPN was developed by Chinese developers on the Binance and Solana network. With the move and win logic, people can earn GMT and GST tokens in their ecosystem thanks to the STEPN application as they exercise.

In the statement made by Coinbase, the last exchange to list GMT and GST tokens, it was announced that if the liquidity conditions are met, trading of crypto assets will start on Thursday with GST/USD, GMT, USD, GST/USDT and GMT/USDT pairs, both fiat and stable cryptocurrencies.

An important caveat about the listing was that STEPN cryptoassets on the Solana network are supported. It was emphasized that crypto assets sent to the Coinbase address should be sent over the Solana network. Coinbase listings would have caused serious increases in altcoins included on the platform in the past years.

Although STEPN (GMT) is on an upward trend, Coinbase listing seems to have increased the demand for the crypto asset. In addition, STEPN's other crypto asset and the 667th ranked Green Satoshi Token (GST) have gained 14 percent since yesterday. GST has increased by 41 percent on a weekly basis.

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