Harmony (ONE) Network Shutdown

Popular cryptocurrency Harmony (ONE) has been offline for about 24 hours. According to the official statement, the forking occurred due to spam traffic that developed on the network and had taken most of the network traffic.

Huge Increase In Network Traffic

Shard 0 and shard 1 network status appears to be ofline. Unable to perform any operation on the network. Recently, there has been a huge increase in network traffic and delays in popular crypto money.

Authorities have shut down the Harmony (ONE) network to fix the problem and are continuing to work on it. It has been announced that the minimum gas fee will be increased to 30 gwei.

The network has had multiple block propagation issues in the last 30 hours due to heavy spam traffic. An internal leader node of the Harmony blockchain was overwhelmed by unwanted traffic after a network upgrade and forked the chain, resulting in a consensus failure and network shutdown. Validators collaborate with the core team to resolve these spills as they occur.

The team has been working around the clock since these network deployments began to identify underlying issues and create a solution to resolve them. There are currently no pending resolutions ever forwarded to Validators. We are currently waiting for internal leader nodes to be captured as Harmony continues to look for solutions. We will do our best to post updates when we receive them.

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