Famous Executive Announced Possible Result of Ripple-SEC Case!

While the SEC-Ripple lawsuit continues, FXOpen executive expects Ripple (XRP) to win the lawsuit. There are critical developments in the trial.

Natalia Zakharova: Ripple will win the case

With a number of new developments unfolding recently in the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC-Ripple case, it's clear that things are going in Ripple's favour. Following the development, various financial and legal experts, including attorneys John Deaton and Jeremy Hogan, commented on the likely outcome of the case based on the latest developments.

Natalia Zakharova, head of global sales at FXOpen, a leading retail and institutional FX broker, explained her expectations regarding the SEC-Ripple case in a recent interview. According to the FXOpen executive, with the latest developments, he expects Ripple to either win the case or the case will result in a settlement in favor of the blockchain company.

Many leading academics from major universities have already made public their opinion that the SEC case is baseless and that Ripple will either win or be decided in Ripple’s favor outside of the courtroom,” Zakharova said in an interview.

The executive added that once the case is settled in Ripple's favour, there is a high probability that XRP's value will skyrocket within minutes of the outcome being made public. “There is a possibility that the value of XRP will gain momentum dramatically after an absolutely positive deal is reached,” Zakharova said.

Alongside the lawsuit, Zakharova stated that current global events could spur the price of XRP to skyrocket drastically. In particular, current events occurring in the world such as inflation, the ongoing economic war may spur widespread adoption of XRP and also cause a bullish trend for the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Biden's decree will bring clarity to the industry and XRP case

Ripple (XRP) technology has functioned as a currency as it is mostly used for cross-border payments via RippleNET. The use of XRP in cross-border payments has caused many countries to declare the cryptocurrency non-security. Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are on the list of countries that do not consider XRP as securities.

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