Important Names of the Cryptocurrency Industry Can Make Significant Announcements at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference

The Bitcoin 2022 conference held in Miami is hosting many influential names this year.

Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, who has become an extremely important name for the crypto market, stated that he will not be able to attend the Bitcoin 2022 conference due to the problems arising from internal conflicts in his country. However, the conference hosts important names that have the potential to increase Latin America's Bitcoin adoption.

Two important announcements are expected at the conference today. The first of these names is Samson Mow, former Blockstream chief strategy officer and Pixelmatic CEO.

Mow has a key role in the development of El Salvador's bitcoin bond, which is scheduled to launch in April and is currently on hold until further notice. These bonds were scheduled to be issued using Blockstream's Liquid Network sidechain.

Samson Mow recently announced that he is leaving his role at Blockstream to focus on increasing bitcoin adoption by nation states. Although there have been rumors recently that another Latin American country will follow the path of El Salvador and legalize Bitcoin, such a development has not yet occurred.

The name expected to make another important announcement is Strike CEO Jack Mallers. Although the details are not disclosed, according to the information Mallers gave before the event, the statement he will make may be related to connecting investors to the Lightning Network supported mobile payment application. The app is currently used in the USA, El Salvador and Argentina.

Speaking at the Bitcoin 2021 conference last year, Mallers talked about the opportunities for countries to adopt Bitcoin and announced that Bukele will make crypto money a legal tender in El Salvador.

Mexican billionaire and Salinas Group President Ricardo Salinas Pliego will also speak at two panels on Bitcoin 2022. While it's unclear whether he will make any announcements, Salinas is one of the event's most high-profile speakers and a prominent Bitcoin advocate in Latin America.

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