SEC Shows Cryptocurrencies in 2022 Control Priorities

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced yesterday that crypto assets will also be subject to audits by market participants, such as investment advisors and brokerage service providers, in 2022. The institution has also included ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance), one of the biggest discussion topics of the last period, into this group.

The SEC's audit department, tasked with monitoring risks and ensuring investor protection; outlined its audit priorities for investment advisors and brokerage service providers. In this sense, the department cited crypto assets, ESG, information security and the private fund sector among its priorities.

In the crypto assets section of the statement from the SEC on the subject, he stated that the institution auditors will check the methods applied in the storage of cryptocurrencies, sales made, recommendations, recommendations and crypto money transactions.

Addressing the issue of private funds, the SEC announced that in its 2002 plans, the portfolio strategies and risk management of advisors will be closely monitored.

The subjects in the SEC's audit report consist of the topics that emerged when the Democratic wing took over the administration, especially after the US elections. As it is known, among the most discussed topics in the USA for a while, climate change, cryptocurrencies and the methods of combating cyber attacks and phishing techniques by brokerage intermediaries are discussed.

Especially at the beginning of the summer of 2021, the cyber attack on one of the largest oil pipelines in the USA and the demand for crypto money as ransom also caused serious discussions. SEC chairman Gary Gensler has also consistently stated that many cryptocurrencies, especially those involved in decentralized finance, should be considered securities.

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