SEC - When will the Ripple lawsuit end? The new document provides a clue

The litigation process between the SEC and Ripple has been ongoing for more than a year. 

The conclusion of this lawsuit, which is also closely followed by the cryptocurrency industry, in favor of Ripple is seen as a big win for the cryptocurrency market. The Ripple wing, on the other hand, has pinpointed a date when it expects the lawsuit filed against it to end, according to a new petition.

According to this document shared on Twitter by the company's attorney Jeremy Hogan, the attorney said the litigation process between the SEC and Ripple could end in November this year.

According to the document, Ripple requested that the class action start date be postponed from August 26, 2022 to November 18, 2022. As stated in the document, it was asked to postpone the class action until November 18, citing overlapping legal and factual issues between the class action and the SEC case. The request for postponement of the class action brought to mind the possibility that this date was the end date of the SEC case.

Ripple also added that postponing the class action start date will reduce the burden on the court as current issues ease.

Commenting on the latest developments, attorney Jeremy Hogan said he believes the class action could also be dismissed if Ripple wins the SEC case between September and October.

SEC lawsuit predictions

The lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple has been commented on by many lawyers and cryptocurrency experts since its inception. In their concluding remarks, the experts continued to express their views on the closing date and outcome of the case.

John Deaton, a class action attorney involving more than 65.000 XRP holders, estimated that with the SEC's tactic of delaying the case, the trial could be delayed until the end of 2023. However, after this prediction made in January, A lot of new things have happened.

Based on the available evidence, the court is expected to persuade the SEC to engage in mediation where both parties can reach an agreement, Judge Sarah Netburn said. According to other rumors, the blockchain company Ripple has reached an agreement.

According to some news that hit the ATM last week, Ripple and the SEC have reached an agreement. So much so that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is said to have hinted in remarks from him last week that a deal has been reached in the case.

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