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Russia’s minister of industry and trade, Dennis Manturov, believes it’s only a matter of time before crypto becomes a means of payment in the country, Reuters reported. The post Russian minister… 1 minute ago
The derivatives markets regulator will continue to add resources to combat fraud and manipulation in the cryptocurrency market. 1 minute ago
The popular Ethereum competitor Avalanche has plummeted more than 16% amid the crypto market’s ongoing rout. 1 minute ago
FTX US has become the first crypto-native platform to also offer equities to its US customers. 1 minute ago
Prominent Bitcoin critic did not expect BTC to hold up for a long time but warns hodlers not to get "cocky" 1 minute ago
Yet another high-profile sneaker manufacturer jumps on the bandwagon of NFT euphoria 1 minute ago
Dolce & Gabbana and Polygon-based Metaverse fashion company UNXD are teaming up with Chainlink 1 minute ago
SHIB burning is not yet living up to expectations 1 minute ago
Which coins can withstand the overall market fall? 1 minute ago
Shiba Inu sees increased demand from large Ethereum wallets even after disastrous performance in May