MicroStrategy Buys Another $190Million Worth of Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, the company with the largest Bitcoin portfolio, announced today that it has bought 4,167 Bitcoins worth approximately $ 190 million as it continues its BTC buying tour.

Bitcoin is digital gold.

MicroStrategy reported that it received a total of $190 million (4,167 BTC) worth of Bitcoin between February 15 and April 4. The Virginia-based company made its last purchase at an average of $45,714 per Bitcoin. MicroStrategy's average purchase price, including fees and charges with the last purchase, was stated as $30,700.

The total number of Bitcoins held by MicroStrategy has now increased to 129,218 BTC. According to the current BTC price, this amount of Bitcoin is worth $ 6 billion.

Last week, MicroStrategy announced that they would borrow up to $205 million to increase the amount of Bitcoin in its portfolio. While the Bitcoin price is currently testing the $47,000 level, its price has increased by 1.5 percent since yesterday.

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