Ripple CEO Explains What Will Happen If SEC Case Is Lost

Many people who closely follow the case between Ripple and the SEC think that the case will end in Ripple's favor. However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse made statements about what could happen otherwise.

The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC is a development that directly affects the company's native token, XRP. Therefore, it is thought that if the case is lost, the XRP price will be greatly affected. However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has the view that it will not change much when he says that his company is acting as if they have already lost the case.

Ripple continues its work independently of litigation

The outcome of the lawsuit, which the crypto industry is following closely, could set a precedent for many companies operating in the crypto industry. Brad Garlinghouse, whose opinions were asked recently, stated that they have evaluated all possible possibilities regarding the outcome of the case, but he does not foresee much change as they are acting as if they have already lost the case.

Bloomberg litigation analysts argued that the SEC would win the case, unlike many who followed suit.

It is expected that the relevant litigation process will be concluded in favor of the SEC and that the decision will not affect other countries as it is valid only within the borders of the USA. In other words, if the SEC wins, trading of the XRP token can only be stopped in the US, while other countries may allow it to be traded as a crypto asset, as they do not accept XRP as a security.

Ripple moves its operations outside the US

Expressing that he is not worried about this issue, Garlinghouse said that the removal of XRP by the US exchanges from their platforms at the beginning of the litigation process did not prevent Ripple from having a successful year. Ripple CEO stated that last year was a record year for the company, he said that they achieved significant growth and emphasized that all of this growth took place outside the USA.

Stating that if the case is lost, Garlinghouse states that the company will not affect much, and he attributes this claim to the fact that 95 percent of Ripple's customers are outside the USA.

The general view about the possibility of Ripple losing the case is that XRP will be negatively affected in the short term. However, the fact that Ripple works with many companies around the world as a payment company is seen as an advantage for XRP.

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