Ukrainian Government Announces Anticipated NFT Collection

The Ukrainian government has launched NFTs, which were created to contribute to humanitarian expenditure and preserve the memory of the war.

The Ukrainian government, which first promised an airdrop and then canceled it and turned to NFT, shared the expected project.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced that they have launched the NFT museum, which they call “MetaHistory”. “We rely on revolutionary blockchain technology as Russia uses tanks to destroy Ukraine.” said.

NFTs that tell about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and preserve the memory of the war are exhibited in the museum. NFTs appear to have been created by different artists. Ukrainian authorities have also urged artists to create NFT works to be exhibited in the museum and listed for sale.

It is stated that the sale will begin next Tuesday. Income from NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain will go to humanitarian expenditures. Ukraine has received 150 million dollars of crypto money donations from all over the world as part of the campaign launched in the past weeks.

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