What is a Decentralized Search Engine?

Which decentralized search engines were developed to replace traditional internet search engines?

Decentralized search engines use distributed general office technology. The use of  Blockchain technology provides more privacy when searching for products and services online.

Leading search platforms collect personal data in order to identify topics of interest to users or to create advertising campaigns. In exchange for shared data, ads are displayed that grab the user's attention.

Decentralized structures give users back ownership of personal data. This system is also useful for businesses. You don't have to target people targeting large online advertising platforms.

Advertising is delivered to people who are really looking for products and who need them. This very targeted advertising logic can significantly improve conversion rates and increase sales.

How does a Decentralized Search Engine work?

Works like any conventional search engine

A platform similar to the traditional internet search model is provided and all information is stored on the  blokchain network. Online identity and buyer profile are formed through real-time online searches and communication via a blockchain-based search engine.

This is also done through traditional search engines, but with a decentralized platform, the user determines how the information is used and with whom it is shared. The data is encrypted with a private key and, unless otherwise agreed, remains secure and anonymous.

It is also possible to provide this information to specific companies by entering into smart contracts directly with advertisers.

In addition, users can be billed for any related call that is made directly to the user by the advertiser.

The main benefit of such an ecosystem can be defined as the potential for users to use online searches and get information about the products they are really interested in.

Why do we need decentralized search engines?

Several giants, including Google, Amazon and Facebook, dominate the online advertising space.

These big companies determine how they conduct their advertising campaigns for companies that want to stay competitive.

When browsing the Internet through search engines, social media, or businesses, a lot of personal information is tracked and recorded.

This information is then used in various advertising campaigns because companies are paying large sums of money and are hoping for a share of the multi-billion dollar online consumer segment.

That's why the industry has to change.

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