What exactly is Genopets Game Project (GENE)?

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What exactly is Genopets (GENE) Game Project?

Genopets is a mobile NFT game that was designed to be a kind of Free-to-perform and Play to earn money on the Solona ecosystem. This makes it possible for players to create and develop Genopets to fight, train and win a hefty reward.

Players can take part in many different tasks, such as investigating the universe, figuring out mysterious realms, or fighting other gamers on the surface of the earth.

Genopets provides a service that is both pleasurable and exciting, as well as making money from the development and nurturing of Tamagotchis that help gamers to have more fun while taking part in.

Playing how to and what are the features of this game Genopets Switch to play

Genopets utilizes information gathered through wearable devices or smartphones, such as an athlete's intelligent vision while in motion to increase the player's understanding regarding the game.

Genopets was the first to start by introducing the "Move-to-Play" idea. Regular exercise and a routine lifestyle is the ideal method to create, fight and increase the value of Genopet's the NFT. This is central to the mechanism of earning money through movement.

Game features Genopets

  • Genopets is the main NFT token of the game. It can be customized and upgraded as the amount of the animal increases. Genopet NFT will be launched free of charge and will be minted from an early age. Pets can be used by players to take part in battles and development.
  • Crystals: Gene Crystals are NFTs created with GENE tokens, KI tokens in order to propel the development of Genopet. Genetic crystals are available in a variety of kinds, and each and every one plays a distinct part in the development that the animal.
  • Habitat is the location where the Genopets of the player live and develop. Habitats are NFTs purchased via The Genopets Marketplace or manufactured utilizing GENE, KIT or Gene Crystals. Habitats increase the animal's XP, increase its ability to create crystals and gain daily KI.

The way does the Genopets game ecosystem works

The economy is a major factor in the Genopet is is based on a state-of-the-art model where two players are free to play and Paid are able to earn money. We contact this dual earning economy innovation.

Token Genopets – What's GENE used for?

Within the Genopets game environment there are two types that tokens are available: GENE as well as KI.

Utilizations to use GENE Token:

  • Governance You can rate and decide on new game features, like new games like gameplay, missions destinations and new features.
  • Accessibility to VIP Accessibility to HTML0 VIP: Keeping GENE gives players access prioritization to games and new material launches.
  • Stakes users can join the pool to earn tokens within the game.

Utilization in conjunction with the KI token:

  • Rewards token on the game's screen, able to be replaced with what you can earn by purchasing Habitat. Utilize KI Tokens to upgrade your Genopet, replenish crystals, build new habitats, and fight other players.

Genopets Token Storage Wallet - GENE Token

Since it was created and designed using the Binance Smart Chain BEP-twenty platform, and it is based on the SOLANA SLP technology platform. it has storage and management GENE and Type tokens are are very basic for wallets like: Trusted wallet, Coin98 MetamaskGhost wallet...

How can I obtain GENE token?

Now you can earn personal GENE tokens for trading on FTX Bybit and FTX exchanges. You can also join DEX exchanges such as Raydium, PancakeSwap. Serums.

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